Extreme and Killer  4- Way Coordination for the 21st Century Drummer

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    Short history of the “American” Timbales, its development from its birth until today From its humble birth in Europe to its development in Cuba and later New York, the timbales went from being known as a strictly European instrument to the main musical instrument in the Latin music genre.

   Having its beginning, in the eighth century, during the Crusades, during the North African Moorish invasion of Spain and its occupation until 1492, this in combination with the conquest of the British Empire by the Turks, helped bring the drum to Europe. After the discovery of the new world by Christopher Columbus in 1492, the eventual expeditions and conquers by the British, French and Spaniards empires along with African slavery brought the drum in to the New World. Musicologists around the world agree that the European timpani are the antecedent of today's timbales. 


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"The History of Music From Cuba, The Caribbean, South America and the United States" A deeper study of music history from: "Cuba", "Puerto Rico", "South America" and the United States. Also covering topics such as: "The Cuban Timba", "The History of Rock and Roll". If you really want to learn more about the history of North America and South America Music, This Book is a MUST HAVE.

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Modern Tumbadoras

How to Play Congas Volume 1 (e-Book) - Jose Rosa - Author

Advance Latin Drumming  Independence Volume 1  

Jose Rosa - Author

New World Music Survey:

The Music from Latin America and the United States of America

 A New Approach to learning independence using Traditional Afro-Cuban and Latin American Rhythms on Drumset.

(Un nuevo método para aprender independencia con ritmos Afro-cubanos y Latinoamericanos en la Batería)

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Develop contemporary hand drumming techniques with extraordinary speed & independence with this book. The foundation of Afro-Caribbean music is explained, including the clave concept, and a comprehensive chapter containing the patterns of many of the most popular rhythms. Includes clear instructions, logical sequences, and sections on applying rudiments and on independence training which have applications beyond hand drumming.  

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The Timbales

The instrument that became the heartbeat of Latin Music -

(E-Book) - Jose Rosa - Author

​A New approach to develop your Hands, Feet and coordination to its maximum level using Rudiments and Double Bass Drum. 

(Un nuevo método para desarrollar su coordinacion a su maxima capacidad utilizando rudimentos y Doble Bombo en la Batería)​



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